Inventory Management

Specializing in logistics, Mid Valley Packaging can manage our customers packaging inventory, allowing for just in time deliveries (JIT). This inventory management offered is effective in eliminating inventory shortages, and minimizing the amount of packaging products taking up large portions of our customer’s valuable warehouse space. In cases involving rapid and high volume turnover, we are able to warehouse our customers packaging items in our facility, allowing for next day deliveries for items that would generally need to be manufactured, completely eliminating lead times.

In addition to carrying a full line of standard packaging materials, we also can warehouse special items that you use in regular intervals. This can range from custom printed boxes and bags all the way to special protective packaging for your products. By warehousing your items, it not only frees up much needed space in your facility, but also allows for just in time delivery to you on an as needed basis. In many cases, we can also manage your inventory levels within your facility, giving your employees more time to focus on production and other duties, rather than packaging inventory levels. We have numerous solutions that we can offer that will help you operate more efficiently.